team-ALCOTM (Australian Locomotive and Carriage Organisation)

is a group of Australian modellers combining their talents to bring you the best possible models of Australian rolling stock, structures and routes.

We specialise in initiating models, obtaining plans, photos and other research. This is followed up with fastidious care in 3d modelling and texturing and a rigorous beta testing programme aimed at bringing you the finest Australian models.

We are also skilled in finishing incomplete third party models with texture, sound, performance and packaging enhancements.

team-ALCO is a registered partnership; our ABN is 18 653 720 169.


  • Russell Beer: an extraordinarily gifted and committed modeller, Russell is a skilled route-builder and model-maker of rolling stock and static models; he is a full-time professional loco driver of many years' experience whose skill and knowledgeable input has resulted in more realistic .ENG files;
  • Ian Bowles: a former locomotive driver for the Victorian Railways and V/Line Ian worked all over the state from Orbost to Portland. Ian is the "numbers" man having put in hundreds of hours calibrating and fine-tuning ENG and WAG files for more realistic performance; he is also a skilled modeller in his own right;
  • Matt Austin: is a model builder who specialises in fine passenger carriages, Victorian steam locos and suburban electric trains; he is also an avid tram modeler and enthusiast. Matt is the team's Treasurer.
  • Joseph Spinella: a skilled 3d designer by profession, Joseph is a real MSTS pioneer, having produced the first Australian route (La Perouse) and the first Australian locomotive (Garratt) for MSTS. His model-building skills and depth of knowledge are a great asset to the team.
  • Gary Ball: our newest member: already well known for his fine models of NSW diesels, Gary's contributions to the team will be invaluable.
  • Chris Nelson: grew up on the Central Coast of NSW and whilst currently an ex-pat residing in Canada, is best known for his routes of the areas he spent much time railfanning: the Central West and Tumulla Bank. He's also a fine modeler in his own right and has input to upcoming models.
  • Richard Lauder: currently on extended leave in London, Richard is an IT professional and a true artist with Photoshop: he can generate wonderful loco and wagon textures.
  • Yuri Sos: the team's Public Officer, Yuri handles much of the back-office work, including co-ordination and liaison, researching photos/plans, lighting engineer, beta-testing, installer creation, packaging and despatch, website maintenance. Yuri is a veterinary surgeon in real life.