TA08: VR "Spirit Of Progress" Train Pack

Victorian Railways "Spirit Of Progress" Express Train,

complete with streamlined S class 4-6-2 steam locomotives as in service in the late 1930s and 1940s.

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The pack contains the following vehicles (click on each link for images of the locos and wagons):

  • VR S Class 4-6-2 steam locomotives as in service in the 1930s and 1940s:includes versions of all four locomotives, viz

    • Pre-Spirit Of Progress:

      S301 and S302 as outshopped in red VR passenger locomotive livery: this livery lasted only from June to November 1937;

    • Streamlined S Class Spirit Of Progress Inaugural Train on
      23 November 1937:

      4-6-2 streamlined locomotive S302 in blue and gold livery with a solid pilot;

    • Streamlined named S Class 4-6-2 locomotives in blue and gold livery with lattice pilots; the full fleet comprising:

      • S300 - "Matthew Flinders"
      • S301 - "Sir Thomas Mitchell"
      • S302 - "Edward Henty"
      • S303 - "C J LaTrobe"
  • Spirit Of Progress Express Train carriages, including
    • First Class Saloon Carriage (AS)
    • Second Class Saloon Carriage (BS)
    • Baggage Van (CS)
    • Mail Van (DS)
    • Dining Car
    • Parlour Car
  • Other VR Passenger Rolling Stock, including
    • AE, BE Carriages (models by James Brook)
    • CE Van (based on a shape by James Brook - shape modifications by team-ALCO)
    • "Campaspe" Dining Car ((based on a shape by James Brook - shape modifications by team-ALCO)
  • Some Of the consists included in the pack include
    • "Albury Express" prior to the commencement of the "Spirit of Progress"
    • the "Spirit Of Progress" in different configurations
    • the "Seymour pass" - used by the VR to transfer the locomotives from their home base of Seymour to/from Melbourne (requires that the the team-ALCO TA07 VR N class pack be installed).

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