TA07: VR N Class / SAR 750 Class Loco Pack

Victorian Railways N Class and
South Australian Railways 750 Class Locomotive Pack

This pack is now available for purchase both by mail-order and from selected retail outlets.

Release date is 25 August 2008.

The pack has now been finalised and contains the following vehicles (click on each link for images of the locos and wagons):

TA07_slick.jpg - 56kb right-click for larger image
  • VR N Class 2-8-2 steam locomotives in early and late versions, coal-burning and oil-burning versions, Newport-style and German-style smoke deflectors:includes nine locomotives, viz

    • Coal-burning:
      • Full-size smoke deflectors: N400, N416, N462
      • German-style smoke deflectors: N453 (post-rebuild)
    • Oil-burning:
      • Full-size smoke deflectors: N426, N451, N453 (pre-rebuild), N456
      • German-style smoke deflectors: N430
  • SAR 750 Class 2-8-2 steam locomotives three coal burning lcocmotives with Newport-style smoke deflectors:

    • Full-size smoke deflectors: 750, 754, 758
  • Goods wagons, including
    • VR B Vans - two road numbers
    • VR GY Wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR IA open wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR QR Wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR TW Bitumen Wagons
    • VR U Vans: plain and with advertising billboard sides
    • VR & SAR Dynamometer Car
    • SAR FB flat car - loaded with water tanks
    • SAR 4-wheeled sheep vans: empty, loaded
    • SAR bogie sheep wagons: empty and loaded
    • SAR bogie cattle wagons: empty and loaded
    • SAR DWf, OBf, M wagons (freeware)
  • VR Passenger Rolling Stock, including
    • BPL, BCPL Carriages
    • AW, ABW, BW, CW Carriages
  • VR & SAR Guard's/Brake Vans, including
    • VR 6-wheeled Z Van
    • SAR bogie brake Van (freeware)

Recommended Retail Price
AUD $35.00 (including GST)