TA07: VR N Class / SAR 750 Class Loco Pack

Victorian Railways N Class and
South Australian Railways 750 Class Locomotive Pack

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The pack contains the following vehicles (click on each link for images of the locos and wagons):

  • VR N Class 2-8-2 steam locomotives in early and late versions, coal-burning and oil-burning versions, Newport-style and German-style smoke deflectors:includes nine locomotives, viz

    • Coal-burning:
      • Full-size smoke deflectors: N400, N416, N462
      • German-style smoke deflectors: N453 (post-rebuild)
    • Oil-burning:
      • Full-size smoke deflectors: N426, N451, N453 (pre-rebuild), N456
      • German-style smoke deflectors: N430
  • SAR 750 Class 2-8-2 steam locomotives three coal burning lcocmotives with Newport-style smoke deflectors:

    • Full-size smoke deflectors: 750, 754, 758
  • Goods wagons, including
    • VR B Vans - two road numbers
    • VR GY Wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR IA open wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR QR Wagons: empty and loaded
    • VR TW Bitumen Wagons
    • VR U Vans: plain and with advertising billboard sides
    • VR & SAR Dynamometer Car
    • SAR FB flat car - loaded with water tanks
    • SAR 4-wheeled sheep vans: empty, loaded
    • SAR bogie sheep wagons: empty and loaded
    • SAR bogie cattle wagons: empty and loaded
    • SAR DWf, OBf, M wagons (freeware)
  • VR Passenger Rolling Stock, including
    • BPL, BCPL Carriages
    • AW, ABW, BW, CW Carriages
  • VR & SAR Guard's/Brake Vans, including
    • VR 6-wheeled Z Van
    • SAR bogie brake Van (freeware)

AUD $20.00

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