TA04: NSWGR 38 Class Loco Pack

New South Wales Government Railways
38 Class Locomotive Pack

Available for purchase both by mail-order and from selected retail outlets.

The pack contains the following vehicles (click on each link for images of the locos and wagons):

TA04_slick.jpg - 56kb
  • NSWGR 38 class 4-6-2 express passenger steam locomotives:
    • streamlined: four locomotives, including 3801 and 3802 in green, 3803 in dark green, 3804 in weathered black and 3805 in clean black livery. Helper and AI versions included.
    • unstreamlined: five locomotives, including 3808 & 3830 in green with black firebox, 3814 in green, 3817 in weathered black and 3820 in black livery. Helper and AI versions included.

  • Passenger Rolling Stock
    • RUB Sets:SBS, SFS, OBS, PHS cars to make up named express train consists, including
      • "Intercapital Daylight",
      • "Central West Express",
      • "Riverina Express" and
      • "Sydney - Newcastle Express"

    • CUB Sets:blue and cream ("Illawarra Express") and Red and Russet: carriages include HFL, FL, RFL, BL (short and long) varieties

    • Melbourne Express: in Red and Russet livery: includes CAM, KAM, MAM, MVE, TAM, TBC, MHO, BS, FS, MLV carriages;

    Recommended Retail Price
    AUD $35.00 (including GST)