TA02: NSWGR 36 Class Loco Pack

New South Wales Government Railways
36 Class Locomotive Pack

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The pack contains the following vehicles (click on each link for images of the locos and wagons):

  • NSWGR 36 class 4-6-0 steam locomotives in a variety of liveries and boiler shapes: includes nine locomotives, viz

    • 3611: roundtop boiler: black (unlined);
    • 3612: roundtop boiler - smoke deflector equipped - unique;
    • 3616: Belpaire boiler: black with red lining: fitted with Giesl ejector;
    • 3617: roundtop boiler: royal blue livery with crown: specially painted to haul Royal Train;
    • 3633: Belpaire boiler: black (unlined): weathered;
    • 3636: Belpaire boiler: black with red lining;
    • 3641: Belpaire boiler: black (unlined);
    • 3642: Belpaire boiler: green: fitted with power reverse;
    • 3647: roundtop boiler: green: also in helper (trailing unit in a player train consist) locomotive and AI versions;

  • NSWGR Passenger Carriages, including:
    • NSWGR Melbourne Express Carriages: nine carriages individually numbered, cosisting of FS, BS, MHO, TBC, CAM, KAM, MAM, TAM, MBE carriage types;

    • NSWGR L-Type (CUB Set) Passenger Carriages: twelve carriages individually numbered, six each in both tuscan and green-and-cream livery versions: FL, BL (two versions), HFL, RFL carriage types;

  • NSWGR Good Vehicles, including:
    • NSWGR K 4-wheeled open wagon: Eight wagons in both chain-coupler and automatic varieties, empty and loaded with a variety of goods;

    • NSWGR MLV Louvre Van: presented as loaded, empty and with chain or automatic couplers;

    • NSWGR RU 4-wheeled covered grain wagon: in both chain-coupler and automatic varieties;

    • NSWGR S 4-wheeled open wagon: Sixteen versions in both chain-coupler and automatic varieties, empty and loaded with a variety of goods, also tarped version;

    • NSWGR SHG Brake Van: in both chain-coupler and automatic varieties.


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