(Australian Locomotive and Carriage Organisation) is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to producing the finest quality 3D models of Australian prototype for Microsoft's Train Simulator.
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The Taits Are Now Available!

(25 October 2010)

The results of over 1,000 hours of work over the past five years by Matt Austin today sees the light of day: the Taits are now available for purchase directly from us or through our retailers.

It is an enormous pack with 54 separate motor units (and even a steam loco) covering the complete era of the Taits from their pre-electrification birth to their final years of service in the 80s: a complete history of the Taits in MSTS.

Click here for more details on the Taits and then go to our purchase page for details on how to own this milestone in MSTS modelling.


The Taits Are On Their Way!

(19 October 2010)

Shown below is every Motor and Driving Trailer (all 54 of them) extending from Flinders Street station almost all the way to Spencer Street: on a totally default MSTS installation (mind you frame rates are only 7-9 on this bridge and 1 fps in Spencer Street yard!) In spite of the fact that this screenshot works, we do recommend the use of MSTS-Bin or at least using the Memory Switch Option in a default MSTS.

Every Tait M and D Car

Every Tait M and D Car


Work on the Taits continues

(27 Nov 2009)

Matt continues to work on the Tait mega-pack - he's just finished working up the 1910 era Taits.

Click on this image for an overview of this forthcoming pack.

TA Tait 1910 era livery


MS Train Simulator back in stock

(8 Nov 2009)

We've just received a substantial shipment of MS Train Simulator - now available for sale by direct mail order. See our MSTS page for details and links to our direct order page.


See the "Spirit" in action on Youtube

(18 Sep 2009)

Avid simmer and loyal customer Joshua Russell was so enamoured by the Spirits, he's produced a video of the train showing it at its best on the Melbourne - Seymour route. You can watch it here............


MS Train Simulator Finally Withdrawn?

(8 Sep 2009)

We've been unable to source any further copies of MS Train Simulator from our overseas suppliers - we are told "out of stock - no back order available". In the UK, Xplosiv, the distributors of MSTS in UK/Europe have gone into liquidation; in the US, Atari, the current distributor of MSTS, has removed MSTS from its line of products and is no longer making copies of the game available to retailers. We have only a few copies left, please email us first to check availability before sending your order.


Spirit Of Progress Set
Released 24 August 2009

(21 Aug 2009)

Our latest pack - the "Spirit Of Progress" pack will available from the team-ALCO stand at the Model Exhibition at Caulfield this weekend ahead of full release on Monday 24 August 2009. Look for Ian making lots of noise at the Exhibition, Limited quantities only at the Exhibition, but full distribution next week.


A Sneak Preview: What's Coming Next

(5 May 2009)

No, we haven't abandoned the Spirit set - the locos and cars have been completely rebuilt (for the what seems like umpteenth time) and the cars are with our scrutineers and nit-picking beta testers now. Once they give the "all clear", they'll be rolled out: they're worth the wait.

What I really wanted to show you all today was a preview of our new model - the Taits. Matt has been working hard on these and the quality of these models is absolutely awesome.

You don't believe me?

Click on the image at right.

Warning - cover your keyboard first, put down your coffee because you will lose it.

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Well, I did warn you!


"Spirit Of Progress" Set approaches release - Pre-release offer coming soon!

(14 March 2009)

The long-awaited "Spirit Of Progress" set is finally approaching release status - it's been a long haul for us as we have prepared this pack.

The pack will include all four S class locomotives in the form in which they hauled the "Spirit Of Progress" in the late 30s and early 40s. All four locomotives will appear in a blue livery with lattice pilots, S302 in blue with a solid pilot; S301 and S302 are also presented in red livery versions with solid pilots depicting their appearance in the months August - November 1937 when they hauled the "Albury Express".

Consists to be provided with the pack will include the standard "Spirit of Progress" set, a "Spirit Of Progress" set with DS van added, "Spirit Of Progress" Set with leading CE Van and the precursor to the Spirit, the "Albury Express" consisting of E cars and "Campaspe" Dining car.


Microsoft Lays Off 5,000 Employees, Cancels Development of MSTS-2

(23 January 2009)

Microsoft has confirmed the closure of Aces Game Studio, the internal development studio responsible for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator. Flight Simulator is one of the company's oldest product lines, stretching back more than 20 years. The closure came amidst the company's first major layoffs in its history, announced on Thursday. Approximately 5,000 Microsoft employees will be laid off; around 1,400 were cut immediately, with the remainder to but cut over the next 18 months.

Quoting from a forum post on UKTS by an ex-Microsoft Aces Studio employee: "ACES studio has been closed and approximately 130 positions eliminated. I am saddened that people will not get to see our work on TS2, as it was shaping up to be a fantastic product. I just wanted to say it was nice to be able to participate in the community. I enjoy both the feedback and the excitment of the community and I hope it remains strong and looks to other alternatives." Steve Heijster.

A sad day as the economic downturn claims another victim. We at team-ALCO are diappointed at this news as we were looking forward to the new simulation, however we will continue to develop new models and new routes for MSTS1.{57,164}

Museum At Werris Creek Our Newest Retailer

(16 October 2008)

We're proud to announce that the Rail Journeys Museum at Werris Creek, NSW will be retailing team-ALCO products, focussing on the NSW 36, 38 and Garratt classes.

They'll also be having a computer set up in their shop to permit "hands-on" operation of our fine models. If you're up that way, be sure to drop in and visit the Museum at Werris Creek railway station.


Flashback to 16-17 November 1937

(14 September 2008)

As part of the marketing program to show off the new train, The "Spirit Of Progress" journeyed to Geelong, where it overnighted before travelling to Ballarat to be placed on open display.

Here we see "Edward Henty" on the "Spirit of Progress" simmering under the gantry at Ballarat (*).

The PR people were good enough to let us into the hallowed Parlour Car, even allowing us to sample the comfy armchairs whilst we gazed out on the Lydiard Street Signal Box.

All too soon our visit was over, but the PR people assured us we would soon be able to travel behind the magnificent streamlined three-cylinder S class locomotives as they whisk us from Melbourne to Albury non-stop.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview.

(*) = based on the prototype photo on page 29 of "Super Power On The VR - VR 4-6-2 Express Passenger Locomotive" published by Train Hobby Publications.


We have stocks of MS Train Simulator

1 September 2008:

We have been able to source copies of Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) from overseas. These are genuine Train Simulator 1.2/1.4 (the last version released) disks packaged in a 2-CD jewel case. Priced at $45, MSTS will only be available from us by mail order - visit our direct purchasing page for your mail order options and to download the order form.


The VR N Class / SAR 750 Class Loco Pack Released

24 August 2008:

The VR N / SAR 750 Class Loco Pack was released today at the AMRA (Vic Division) exhibition at Caulfield Racecourse. The pack features twelve steam locomotives, nine VR and three SAR, together with a wide variety of VR and SAR goods rolling stock. VR passenger rolling stock is also included in the pack. Twenty consists, ranging from single carriage passenger trains (replacing a defective rail car) all the way up to a single N hauling a long rake of GYs; there are also double-headed consists, school excursion consists, even a back-to-back goods train consist. We think this is our best pack yet! Click on the link above to see full details of the pack.

We anticipate retailers will have stocks by the end of the week and you can of course order direct from us - visit our direct purchasing page for your mail order options (note: the pack will not be available for download).

The pack includes version 1 of Russell Beer's "Northern Main" route to give you a challenging route upon which to run your new N classes.

We will also be previewing the "1937 Spirit Of Progress" loco pack and the VR suburban "Tait" pack at the exhibition. Both these packs are nearing completion and will be going out to our beta-testers very soon. Ian Bowles and Yuri Sos will be on hand to show you our wares and answer any questions you might have about any aspect of MSTS.

STOP PRESS: We have sourced fresh supplies of Microsoft Train Simulator and MSTS will be available for purchase from our stand at AMRA. Initial supplies are limited, but we're expecting another big shipment in the next week or so.


Yes, there's "Progress"

18 August 2008:

The VR N / SAR 750 Class Loco Pack is now complete as far as the models to be included are concerned: now all that remains is to send out the models to our independent beta-testers for final evaluation before preparation of the installers and CD. The N Class pack will also include Russell Beer's sensational Gisborne - Castlemaine route for your enjoyment.

The SAR 750 class locos will be joined by several freight cars specially commissioned for this pack - Russell Beer and Alan Lownsborough being contributors to the additional freight rolling stock.

Visit the VR N/SAR 750 Class page to see the contents of the pack. Major additions are the addition of SAR livestock wagons and a VR 6-wheeled Z Van to the already voluminous pack.

All going to plan, we anticipate releasing this pack at the AMRA (Vic Division) exhibition at Caulfield Racecourse this weekend 23-24 August: we will be attending the exhibition again this year.

Keep watching this page - the N/750 pack is not the only item nearing completion. You will see the Progress that we are making shortly! (Keep up your "Spirits!"


Last-minute additions to the N Class pack

1 June 2008:

The recent purchase of the Rolling Stock Plan Book has enabled us to create extra models for the SA section of the VR N Class/SAR 750 class.

Russell has been working on a SAR flat car and his progress work is shown here:

Allan Lownsborough has also been working on some sheep wagons and has submitted them to team-ALCO - they look to be coming up well:

Whilst this will cause another short delay to the pack's release date, we're sure you'll enjoy the extra rolling stock.

We hope to be able to include another one or two items of rolling stock before release as well. Stay tuned for details!


19 May 2008: team-ALCO Purchases SAR Rolling Stock Plan Book

One of the main reasons the team went payware was to be able to fund purchases of resource material to make our products even more realistic. Over the past two years, we've purchased Brief History Books as well as working timetables and other data on various online auctions. This material has been used in creating models as well as providing information for you to create realistic activities (the extensive loco loading and train-running times documentation provided with Russell Beer's "Main North" route, for example).

Today we successfully bid for a book of South Australian Broad Gauge Rolling Stock plans, having been alerted to its availability by long-time MSTS route-builder Allan Lownsborough. The book contains plans for just about every broad gauge piece of rolling stock and appears to date back to 1961. We know the plans contain information that will be invaluable to railfans, rail historians and model builders (both scale and virtual).

team-ALCO intends to make these plans available to the rail community as a whole as our way of saying "thanks for your support". We are progressively scanning the plans and they are being uploaded to the web as 3,000 x 1,250 pixel GIFs for everyone to download and use.

Visit the SAR Rolling Stock Page (hosted by Railpage and steam4me) to see the plans.


10 May 2008: VR N Class Loco Pack Nearing Completion

The Victorian Railways' N class Loco Pack in in the final stage of production and we hope to have it on release by June. We are also working towards completing the Tait set. The Spirit of Progress Set will follow shortly thereafter.

20 March 2007: VR H & X Class Loco Pack Released

The Victorian Railways' H & X class loco pack is now available through our usual retail and direct order channels. This pack includes the famous "Heavy Harry" and four mighty X-Class "Mikado-type" steam locomotives including one with booster. Freight vehicles for the locos are also supplied.

30 September 2006: NSWGR 38 Class Loco Pack Now Available

The NSWGR 38 Class Loco Pack is now available through our usual retail and direct order channels. This pack includes both streamlined and unstreamlined versions of this famous locomotive along with passenger rolling stock for a variety of NSW express trains.

30 September 2006: NSWGR AD60 Class Loco (Garratt) Pack Now Available

The NSWGR Garratt Loco Pack is now available through our usual retail and direct order channels. This pack includes both light and heavy Garratts as well as a variety of rolling stock, including vehicles to enable to recreate the famous W44 ore train.

10 March 2006: NSWGR 36 Class Loco Pack Released

The NSWGR 36 Class Loco Pack is now available through our usual retail and direct order channels. This pack includes both round top and Belpaire-boilered versions, and includes a unique smoke-deflector version and the loco that hauled vthe Royal Train. Passenger rollingstock include the Melbourne Express and CUB Sets in two liveries. A range of goods rolling stock is included as well.